Teether Round in Dark Gray silicone

Teether Round in Dark Gray silicone

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  • Designed in Germany

Our products are made of silicone and beech wood. 100% handmade. Designed and manufactured in Germany.

The product may only be used under supervision. Only attach the pacifier holder with clip to the clothing you are wearing. Do not use the pacifier holder when the child is in the playpen, bed or cradle. Clean the pacifier holder with soap and water only. Do not use any other cleaning procedures or sterilization procedures! Do not store in damp conditions or at extreme temperatures.

Check the product before each use. At the first sign of damage or defects, throw it away immediately. Never extend the pacifier holder using cords, ribbons, straps or loose parts of clothing. Your child could strangle himself with it!

Please do not let your child chew on the pacifier holder with clip.

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